Lonely Gods:
Social Minorities in American Superhero Comic Books

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Website Updates



Code: Improved Footnotes!

     I have finally completed a JavaScript overhaul of the 200+ footnotes on this site, for every single article. Previously the footnotes were simple links that would take you to a massive list of all the footnotes grouped together. Now I have added in some slick hover action, where the footnote text will pop up when you move your mouse over one of the footnote numbers in an article.

I have also added in some additional content, namely several more images to my articles on women in comics. These new images are available via the new small magnifying glass icons scattered throughout the articles. I plan to add more in the coming days.


Article Update: Homosexuals in 2000s and Beyond

     While retrofitting some of my footnotes in preparation for a massive Javascript overhaul, I discovered that my article about Homosexuals in comics of the 2000s and beyond was in a severe state of disrepair. I have since finished out this page further, adding in several paragraphs of information about the character of Victor Borkowski of New X-Men fame. The new paragraphs are towards the end of the article, and are colored in green.


Article Update: Women in 1940s

     After nearly an entire year of not updating this site with any real content, I am beginning to pay attention to it once more. I am starting with some updates to my Women in Batman series of articles. I have added several paragraphs to my page about Batman in the 1940s, where I discuss the Spirit comics of the 1940s, and how the depictions of female villians in them mirror those of Batman.

October 21st, 2008

- As you can no doubt tell, I have completed a site redesign. The index page and the top links on every single page are now a lot more condensed. This fits the pages better than the bulky images I originally had, which are now present only on the index page.
- I am beginning to experiment with some pop-ups for all the footnote links in my articles. Time will tell if this works out or not.

July 17th, 2008
- Corrected an error in image links on the Women in 1950s Batman page, that resulted in three images not showing up. The images now appear.
- Continued work on The Joker Essay in my Mentally Ill section. I added in two images to the page as well as a slim bibliography, but it is a start.
- In addition to the Joker page, I began changing the styles for the pages to a bolder style. This is seen on the updated Joker page as well as several other pages throughout the site.

October 13th, 2007
- Added in eight Images for the Homosexuals sections, primarily in the 1980s Section.
- Corrected a minor issue numbering error in the Homosexuals in the 1980s Section.
- Added in another new character image for one of the links on my Homosexuals in Comics link page. Only two more to go!

August 10th, 2007
- Updated the Essay Page, adding in a link to a .pdf of my completed Honors Thesis.
- Added in a new character image for one of the links on my Homosexuals in Comics link page. Guess which one it is!

April 26th, 2007

- My thesis is complete!

- Updated every page for Women in Batman, significantly increasing the amount of research in each section and adding in over 100 more endnotes.
- Added in new link images and revised the code behind the image rollovers on my Women link page, creating quicker rollovers that work better in the Opera Browser.
- Updated every page for Homosexuals in Comics, again greatly expanding the amount of research in those sections and adding in another 100 endnotes.
- Updated the Image source information page, adding in a few pieces of information I had been previously missing.

December 23rd, 2006
- Significantly revised the code behind the image rollovers on every single page of the site.
- Reorganized the main Treatment of Homosexuals link page, adding in graphics.
- Created a bibliography and added in endnotes to all the Treatment of Homosexuals articles.
- Updated the Treatment of Homosexuals: 2000 and Beyond page, with information about the Rawhide Kid series.
- Updated the Image Source Information page.

November 6th, 2006
- Added information about Catwoman in the 1970s.
- Added information about Vicki Vale in the 1940s, greatly expanding the Batman article for this decade.
- Updated Women in Comics main link page.
- Added in Updates Page and link on main page.
- Added several footnotes to Treatment of Women Bibliography.