Lonely Gods:
Social Minorities in American Superhero Comic Books

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     The purpose of this website is to display the material I collected to complete my Undergraduate Honors Thesis about the treatment of minorities within comics. Much of the text I use within the other sections has been taken directly from this essay, as well as many of the images which I refer to.

My thesis is now complete. The relevant link to a PDF of the essay is below. At 62 pages, this file clocks in at nearly 350k. The text from the Women in Comics and Homosexuals in Comics sections of this site are taken from the essay verbatim, so if you already read them there is nothing new here. This essay, however, does include an introduction and conclusion where I tie the two groups together.

Read the Essay!

PDF - 62 pages - 350K

This page also serves as an index for all of the citations and references which I have used throughout the site and the paper itself. Links to these reference pages are below.

Other Resources:

The Crittenden Report. This 1957 report was comissioned by the Navy to examine the presence of homosexuals in the military. It dismissed several of the myths of homosexuals, specifically that they were security threats. It was soon suppressed, and remained hidden until the 1970s. Even today it is extremely difficult to get ahold of. Below is a link to the first 73 pages of the report, scanned in by me. 4 megabytes in size as a PDF.

Read the Crittenden Report!

PDF - 73 pages - 4 meg