Lonely Gods:
Social Minorities in American Superhero Comic Books

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The Physically Disabled in Comics


The Two Lives of Barbara Gordon

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     The comic book character Batman has a plethora of supporting characters. Some of these, such as Police Commisioner James Gordon and Batman's sidekick(s) Robin, provide invaluable aid in fighting crime. Others, including many women, are often relegated to the sidelines.

     The character of Barbara Gordon is somewhat unique in that she has been in both these categories: a willing ally of Batman soon after her introduction as Batgirl, and later shunted to the sidelines after she was physically crippled by The Joker. Afterwards she returned in a new role as the information broker Oracle, and now occupies a place in between these two sides: often treated as a minor tertiary character while still constantly providing Batman and other heroes with invaluable information.

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